What Motivated Us To Build The Ultimate Mobile Appraisal Solution Software?

Initially it was frustration! With over sixty years experience within the motor trade throughout the team at Appraisal Solutions (globally), it became obvious that lower than average quality appraisals were costing the dealerships tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

The idea sparked conversations around a table which turned into a two and half year quest to create the most robust whilst user-friendly mobile appraisal software solution, that combined the ultimate in quality information and instant data download capabilities, with the ease of use that would be required by the industry.

Whilst initially designed and built for car dealerships for trade ins and more accurate appraisals, it soon became apparent there were other immediate uses in similar markets where it is required to gather accurate vehicle data and images and have them centralised, resulting in this information being used for a multitude of purposes.

With new technology comes the final closure of a very expensive back door for you the dealer and we the team at Appraisal Solutions look forward to partnering with you on improved efficiency and increased profitability for your organisation. 

Our Team 

  • Andrew Xerri

    General Manager
  • Veronica Wilkinson

    Head of Support & Accounts
  • Cecily McLoughlin

    Sales & Relationship Manager
  • YOU!

    Our Partner