How Does It Work?

How Does It Work? 

Simple - Easy - Incredibly Effective 

It will be slightly different for each type of business as you each have different requirements. The information a car dealership requires will be different from a hire car company, which again is different from a panel beaters.

Please contact us for a demonstration. This can be delievered either in person or over the internet via a webinar to experience this incredible mobile software. Click Here 

Car Dealership Experience

Appraisal Solutions has removed the old carbon copy appraisal pads and replaced it with an iPad or mini iPad. 

The salesperson or valuer opens the software on his iPad or mini iPad and adds the chassis number from the windscreen or compliance plate. You then tap the screen to download data and the vehicle's information instantly downloads and populates on the screen. Simply add a couple of additions and you are now clear in the knowledge of what this car should be in its make, model, engine type etc. 

With the addition of new finance questions, you can identify how much is outstanding on the potential trade-in but also confirm what their payments are now and that they are a payments buyer versus a cash buyer going forward. This information so early on in the relationship can assist you to mould the journey you now may take them on.

Moving on to the next screen the software opens up a very familiar vehicle layout with some significant differences. As you now do the eight point walk around the vehicle, simply touch the screen where you want to record something of interest. The screen will offer some options to identify the issue and then ask if you would like to take a photograph of the offending area. It will do this until you've finished the exterior appraisal. 

The following screens consist of:

- Interior inspection information required. 

- Mileage - recorded by entering the mileage manually and then taking a photograph of the odometer.

- Accident history request (Including if the car has had previous hail damage, if it has been on the Total loss or write off register and even if the vehicle has been subject to any insurance claims.

- Service History information and Photographs

- Test Drive Notes 

- Customer Signature 

This super simple, easy to follow step by step process allows for a thorough but incredibly effective appraisal to be carried out. 

Once the appraisal is complete the salesperson simply presses send and the whole document is sent to the valuer or used car managers computer where he has instant access to an online interface portal to look through the appraisal and determine is value. 

The valuer will be notified by email and SMS that there is an appraisal awaiting his attention. (Optional) 

The vehicle appraisal can then move through the portal areas (there are four) from pending to valued and may be emailed on to whom ever or printed out in its totality as well as automatically saved.  




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