How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Appraisal Solutions; the leader in digital appraisals and data integration.

Initial steps:

1. Download the ‘Appraisal Solutions: MCA’ App. from the Apple Store on your iPad or iPhone.

We are the only Appraisal business in Australia who integrates with LIVEMARKET and AUTOGATE.

2. If you are and AutoGate account Dealership, download the AutoGate Mobile App from Apple Store.

3. If you are a LiveMarket account Dealership, log into your LiveMarket account from safari on your iPhone or iPad.

The Appraisal process:

  • Log in – opens to your chosen MCA App. (if relevant, do the same with your AutoGate and LiveMarket accounts)

  • Take a photo of the registration plate or add the chassis number.

  • Next, the vehicle's data instantly downloads and populates onto the screen.

  • Simply complete a few additional questions e.g. interior colour and then confirm.

  • Next, the ‘Airbag Recall data’ will populate followed by Registration Due date confirmation.

  • Option to add reconditioning costs and the vehicles finance information.

  • Moving to the next screen is the walk around inspection – ability to take photographs of the vehicle which will also advise the valuer on any vehicle damage or reconditioning required.

The following screens consist of:
-Interior inspection information.
-Mileage / photograph of the odometer reading.
-Accident history
-Service History information – ability to take photographs
-Customer Signature

This easy App allows for your Dealership to obtain all the relevant vehicle data to assist in valuing a vehicle.

Once the appraisal is complete the salesperson simply presses send and the vehicle data is sent to the Valuer. The Valuer will have instant access to the appraisal data and photographs.

The valuer will be notified by email and SMS that there is an appraisal awaiting his attention. (Optional)

Next, is the AutoGate Test Drive… (for Auto Gate Dealership account holders)

Ability to add new vehicle, utilise Auto Gate inventory, add new prospect, driver’s license information etc.

Auto Gate Test Drive also integrates with Live Market ‘valued’ dashboard.

Manager Portal

During the valuation process the vehicle data is sent to LiveMarket into ‘valued’ vehicles, then the valuer accesses all the current competitive data etc in Live Market to assist in the valuation.

Once the valuation has been completed and saved, the vehicle data will be sent to your Dealerships DMS. (Terms and conditions apply)

The appraised vehicle will move through the various stages in the Managers Portal e.g. pending, valued to due-in.

Various inspection, valuation, reporting options including the vehicles PPSR / Car facts are available in the Managers portal.

Pro Plus Package – 4 Various Apps:

Wholesale, Re-Inspect, LITE and Pro Plus App plus bespoke version.

Managers Portal - 2 Dashboards; Retail and Wholesale.

We integrate with the most popular DMS’s.

We are the only Appraisal business in Australia who integrates with LIVEMARKET and AUTOGATE.

With Appraisal Solutions Pro Plus Package, you will have access to LIVEMARKET integration and obtain the ‘complimentary ‘Test Drive’ which will integrate with your AUTO GATE Inventory and Prospects account.