Car Hire Companies

Car Hire Companies

Partner with us today to create the perfect Mobile Appraisal Solution for your Car or Vehicle Hire company.

Move forward with technology to ultimately achieve a hugely increased bottom line through accountability and efficiency. Appraisal Solutions' mobile technology will allow you to appraise your hire vehicle in minutes with an easy to follow step by step process which all customer service staff can follow.

The result is in minutes you will have a fully documented appraisal concerning your rental vehicle that the new renter can sign off within the app as agreed condition at time of pick up and it can be printed out for them to take away. This eliminates the question of what marks, scratches and dents were on the vehicle at pick up and what has been put on the vehicle during the rental with that client, saving you tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue through consumer disputes.

Upon return of the vehicle your team can print off a copy of the report from a central location and go over it with the client. 

Isn't it time you left the old carbon copy paper appraisal version behind and became professional whilst reducing the amount of lost or illegible paperwork that cost you money and your reputation?

Appraisal Solutions is the answer, so contact us today to discuss your personal needs and requirements and let us partner with you to a more profitable, efficient and accountable future.

We will contact you within 24 hours and discuss your options and invite you to physical or virtual demonstration.

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As each business type is slightly different please contact us today to discuss your individual needs and requirements or book your test drive today.

We will contact you within 24 hours and discuss your options and invite you to physical or virtual demonstration. 

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