Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a full time operation. The benefits and purpose of Appraisal Solutions' "MCA" mobile car technology within a fleet department is to maximise the financial return of each vehicle through efficiency and accountability.

This is achieved by using Appraisal Solutions' (MCA) system, a unique state of the art easy to use mobile appraisal technology.  

Using an iPad or iPad mini your team will simply go around the vehicle as they have done previously using the carbon copy paper system, with the difference that each of the appraisals are now centrally recorded and accessible via a portal for emailing on or printing out as well as available online. 

This new found efficiency and accountability allows for a more proficient and professional approach to vehicle sale data management.

With four internal parts to the portal system it allows you to track the vehicles from pending valuation through to valued and eventual completed sale. 

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