Raving Fans

Rockingham Mitsubishi and Kia

Andrew Shorter

Dealer Principal

I was referred to Appraisal Solutions by another DP within AHG to take a look at the Mobile Car Appraiser software, as he had seen great success in his dealership using it. We requested a demonstration in our dealership and I had all my managers present to make sure if we felt it had any value that they would be the ones managing it and so I valued their opinion right from the start. The presentation got straight to the point and immediately highlighted how and why it could reduce ..

Northside Nissan

Andy Diamantis

Dealer Principal

I was invited to a presentation on Mobile Car Appraiser in which we were given a thorough run through of the software and how it uses the road to sale combined with deep sales psychology to combat the growing problem of increased expectations by the consumer as to what they believe their car maybe worth. I was instantly impressed and then having spoken with a few DP's who were already using the appraisal system in our group, decided we would give it a go. I immediately recognised how it..

Southern Landrover

Anthony Caminiti

General Manager

Having been referred to take a look at Mobile Car Appraiser by my counterpart at Barbagallo Landrover, we requested a presentation to all the sales managers. John Whitley, who is well known by our Dealer Principal came and presented the software and demonstrated what it would do for us at Southern Landrover, Volvo and Prestige Pre-Owned. We instantly saw how this was going to assist us in increasing our gross per unit as well as lift the professionalism of the sales team. To date we hav..

Melbourne City Holden

Brett Field

Dealer Principal

We have been using MCA for a couple of months now having been giving a presentation at the dealership. At the end of the short presentation I didn’t need a proposal we simply went ahead. It’s obvious what MCA can do for your dealership right from the start. For us, we wanted to increase aftermarket and finance penetration whilst enforcing the salesman go through a road to a sale style process. But the cherry on the cake is the perceived independent third party electronic report delivered..


Cameron Hede

Dealer Principal

Having seen a corporate presentation of Mobile Car Appraiser, we then requested one at our showroom and involved the whole management team. The presentation was to the point and immediately we as a team were able to identify how MCA would increase our trade in potential whilst reducing the possible mistakes in trade in descriptions using its unique chassis auto download feature. We took the opinion, that if managed it would also force our sales team to do a more thorough job using t..

Barbagallo Landrover

Charles Torrance

Landrover Manager

Having been referred, I decided with some skepticism, to look at the Appraisal Solutions mobile car appraiser system. I have been the sales manager at Barbagallo Land Rover for 38 years and have seen a lot of shiny objects come and go, however I also recognise that times are changing and we must always keep an open mind and adapt to meet the ever changing market place. After having an "MCA" demonstration I immediately saw the obvious advantages it would give my team. Not only w..

Melville Subaru

Dan Clark

Dealer Principal

Paul Davies at Melville Holden recommended I take a look at Mobile Car Appraiser as he had been using it for over six months with outstanding results. John Whitley presented MCA to us at our showroom and the team immediately could see the benefits of using this sales conversion ipad system resulting in us be up and running a few weeks later and have honestly never looked back. Since implementing the software ipad appraisal system the gross per unit has increased and has given the s..

Wanneroo Chrysler Jeep - Alfa- Fiat

Ian Barras

Dealer Principal

I was invited and attended the global launch of Appraisal Solutions - Mobile Car Appraiser in Perth. We had been using the old paper appraisal system for as long as I can remember. With technology now driving our industry for efficency and professionalism, I was interested in seeing what MCA could do for our dealership. I was instantly impressed with its simplicity but it was also obvious as to how it would improve our efficiency in an area that has been forgotten about whilst things ch..

Challenger Ford

John Jones

Dealer Principal

Let me start by saying that the approach that John took with us at Challenger Ford when offering us the opportunity to take a look at Mobile Car Appraiser was very professional and subsequently having chosen to implement MCA, nothing has been too much trouble or too hard to do so allowing a smooth transition. I would recommend taking a look at Mobile Car Appraiser as in its first couple of outings it proved its value and paid for itself. We decided to implement MCA because after the pres..

Rockingham Hyundai

John Leech

Dealer Principal

Having seen the presentation first hand at the dealership, I identified that although there were many advantages to our dealership in using MCA, the biggest advantage I could see was an increase in aftermarket penetration followed by the enforced Road to a Sale process it uses to do a complete and thorough job on the client's trade in. This formula is a proven and unquestionable one that if you have new salesman in your dealership this helps them understand the process much better and a..


John Nossitor

Dealer Principal

A highly respected Dealer Principal friend referred me to look at Mobile Car Appraiser and after reviewing their web site, a number of the features increased my interest. The contact and response was at the highest professional level and every commitment was delivered as promised. My interest as a DP was particularly focussed on the independent closing report and the accuracy of the system with its inbuilt failsafe on vehicle descriptions. But after having a full presentation the multitu..

Barbagallo Pre Owned Prestige

John Sutton

Pre Owned Prestige Sales Manager

Having used the paper appraisal system for many years, I was looking forward to seeing what the fuss was about when the discussion came up about the new Appraisal Solutions Mobile Car Appraiser iPad software. The system had been referred to me and I requested a demonstration which was provided by John Whitley of Appraisal Solutions on-site. It was straight to the point and I clearly recognised that if managed, how it would increase our gross profit per unit as well as in aftermarket and ..

Wangara Subaru

Mark Edmonds

Dealer Principal

As part of the AHG dealer group I was referred to Mobile Car Appraiser by fellow DPs who had experienced it first hand since implementing it within their dealerships. John Whitley came to the dealership and presented to the whole management team the benefits of Mobile Car Appraiser. The highlights for us were the fact we felt it would quickly increase sales and would assist us to improve the salesman’s approach to the Road To A Sale whilst increasing the number of trade-in’s or outr..

Wangara Kia & Suzuki

Matt Stephens

Dealer Principal

Having had the Appraisal Solutions "MCA" referred to me by another DP, I requested a demonstration. The presentation was to the point and immediately we could identify why MCA was going to assist us to increase sales, finance, and aftermarket services in Kia and Suzuki as well as in used cars. The service from the team at Appraisal Solutions has been excellent with their implementation of the software and the training of the staff on how to use and make the most out of MCA. ..

Osborne Park Subaru

Mike Cocken

Dealer Principal

I was referred to Appraisal Solutions by another DP to take a look at the MCA conversion software. We had a demonstration and immediately my management team and I agreed we could see the value in implementing MCA in our Subaru dealership. The priorty for us was to increase trade ins into the dealership whilst developing a comprehensive data base of all appraisals carried out by the whole team. I was encouraged to see the road to sale process is enforced in the system to make the salespe..

Melville Holden & Suzuki

Paul Davies

Dealer Principal

Having been recommended to check out the Appraisal Solutions Mobile Car Appraiser system by a fellow Dealer Principal in our group, I was initially apprehensive. We had been using Live Market as a way of achieving improvements in our conversions when it came to trade-ins. However since having had a demonstration of the software I soon realised it had some unique features which if used correctly would yield us even further improvements in profitability from each unit. Since implement..

Lynford Motors Perth

Richard Hewes

Dealer Principal

We had previously tried another mobile appraisal system which simply didn't work. We then tried Appraisal Solutions "MCA" software. As a system to operate and make staff follow a process I haven't seen a better program. It is tailor made to our industry and the day to day operation of how it works and I would recommend this system to anybody who wants to increase their closing ratios in sales. After six months we have improved sales of new and used vehicles,..

Melbourne City Hyundai

Ryan Shane

Dealer Principal

Originally I heard about Mobile Car Appraiser from DP’s within the group and then we were invited to attend a presentation. The presentation was to the point and I instantly knew were MCA would fill in some gaps and improve our systems and processes. Having used the paper appraisal system until this point I was interested in finding out more, as I heard lots of positive things. It was evident right from the start there were many ways it was going to assist my dealership do things bet..

Barbagallo Alfa-Skoda-Fiat

Steven Carenco

Sales Manager

We were introduced to Mobile Car Appraiser at the Global Launch here in Perth. It immediately impressed me as a way of assisting my young sales team to not only increase their level of perceived professionalism, but be forced to follow the road to a sale and walk around appraisal process religiously. To me that was important as it allowed this important aspect of sales training to become automated and allowed me to concentrate on other sales conversion processes. Improving young salesman..