Salesman Appraisal 

Due to continual updates there maybe some additions on our app that are not in the video, these will be self explanatory. 

Mobile Car Appraiser Two Minute Overview Ipad App Video


MCA-IPad APP Training Video Part 1

This video will take you through some of the psychology of why each part of the app works
and why it will assist you to become a profitable salesman from each deal whilst increasing your sales.


MCA iPad APP Training Video Part 2

In part 2 we take a look at the walk around appraisal and how to get the client to condition
themselves to expect less for their trade-in and how this all gets delivered to the valuer.


Registration Lookup Training

Now you can look up registration expiry within the Mobile Car Appraiser app.


MCA Valuation Conversion Report

In video 3 we take a look at how to deliver the Valuation Report for best conversion


MCA Non WIFI Availability

In video 4 we take a look at how to use the MCA iPad software with no WIFI available.